On the phone or in person... does it matter?

When offering to buy someones home using subject to, L/O, land trust, land contract, or any other method thats not all cash …do you think it makes a difference whether you make that offer over the phone or in person?

Some “Guru’s” say you will only find success with these methods when you are face to face with the seller. Since I know this is where to come for no fluff answers I would like to know what you all think.

Can you get the deal over the phone?

Any input given from past experiences would be greatly appreciated

I think this question is a good one - I may do a newsletter article on it.

Obviously, belly to belly will result in greater success, but that must be measured against time issues. There have been times when I took someone all the way through a process on the phone, including the details, because I had too much inventory.

Yes, if your seller is motivated enough and/or your phone skills are decent, you can get the deal on the phone.