On Appreciating Assets (after FDJake)--What do you buy?


I liked your buy on Thos. Moser furniture and your advice to buy stuff that appreciates rather than depreciates. That was a beautiful desk chair!

On that note I have been buying Ranch Oak furniture, from A.E. Brandt Company out of Texas for several years. The factory is closed down, so the stuff will probably keep going up in value.

This is the furniture that Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy would have bought if they WEREN’T staying at the ranch bunkhouse.

Ranch Oak is virtually indestructible, so I put it in the furnished rental units. Also I buy unusual handmade lamps. I have one made from 3 mountain goat hooves, definitely one-of-a-kind. Another of a windmill, made of horseshoe nails.

What do cowboys do in the wintertime? They sure don’t go into town to go furniture shopping. Instead they carve, whittle, brand or otherwise make stuff that they need. So I have found old stick bookcases and cowboy hutches in the junk stores.

Especially I like the primitive stuff. I have a neat flyswatter that someone made by shooting bullets through a piece of plastic. I just bought a handmade twig rocker for $75. Another time I happened into a junk store and bought 8 desks, all vintage oak with horseshoe hardware. I paid $45 a desk and had to put them into storage until I got more units up and running. You couldn’t even have bought the desk handles for $45.

Someday I will haul it all to Jackson Hole or someplace where there is a big demand from rich wanna-be cowboys in their multi-million-dollar spreads.

What do the rest of you collect?


I like to collect three things.

Real Estate
Guns and ammo
Silver and Gold

Pretty much things that the government doesn’t really like me to collect.

Collecting is the right word when it comes to ammo! It’s getting more scarce than gold bars! I went two places on Saturday looking for self-defense ammo for my handgun and neither had what I was looking for. I went two more places tonight and both were completely out of everything, but one box of .44 Magnum ammo at Walmart.


Im 18 and I have no money, so i cant collect RE yet, hopefully I can soon tho.

but, I do collect guns (i got 8 of them), lots lots lots of ammo.
and ive collected golden coins since ive been like 5, I gotta lot gold!