Old home inspected, need professional comments

I’m mostly concerned about the structure if it’s even worth repairing. This house needs a lot of work inside out but, this is my main concern. I need to know ball park figures of how much it’ll cost to get this repaired. I’d greatly appreciate your professional opinnion. Thanks!!!

1.0 FOUNDATIONS (Report signs of abnormal or harmful water penetration into the building or signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components.)
Comments:Repair or Replace
(Picture 1) The foundation walls have had a parge coating of concrete mortar applied to both the exterior and the interior wall surfaces. Therefore, the brick foundation walls were not able to be directly inspected. Nevertheless, a number of deficiencies were noted. The foundation walls appear to be bowing outward, the parge coating is loose and spalling, and a portion of the west foundation wall has damaged and missing brick masonry. The foundation should be further reviewed by a licensed foundation repair specialist.
(Picture 2) The original wood foundation posts have been replaced with screw-type jack shores. These are not designed as permanent support columns and should be replaced with concrete-filled steel lally columns.

(Picture 3) The two furthest west first floor joists are significantly canted. This may be due to overloading and poor structural design. Further review by a licensed structural engineer is recommended.

(Picture 4) The first floor joists and the main house beams are both significantly deflected. This appears to be due to undersizing of the structural members. Further review by a licensed structural engineer is recommended.

(Picture 5) The rear porch structure is sagging and leaning. It’s wall framing has rotted significantly at the base. The porch may have to be torn down. Further review and repair by a licensed contractor is recommended.

(Picture 6) (Picture 7) The front porch main lookout beam has inadequate bearing depth on it’s support pier. Also, sagging and rot were noted on the front rim joist. The front porch structure should be repaired or replaced by a licensed contractor.

Howdy Ed:

No way anyone can give you an estimate over the internet sight unseen especially for foundation problems. You need to call a foundation repair company in your area. Sounds like a major job and I would only guess in the range of $7500 to $15K.

I completely understand. Thanks for responding. This is my first property for rehab. I think it’s more like Gut-rehab border line tear-down but the price was very low consider it’s SF.

Thanks again