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Hello fellow Oklahomans! Go Thunder!

I just started posting, reading mainly, on this site a couple of weeks ago. I’m currently fresh in the RE market here in Oklahoma. I’m looking for anyone with mentorship experience as well as anyone new to the game. If you are looking for like-minded individuals for future gain please contact me.

Good luck to all!


I’m one of the largest investors in Oklahoma which means I get properties DIRT cheap (I actually sell to wholesalers), and I’m mainly looking for cash buyers I can pass my deals on to. All of my properties are owned free and clear.

I have a LOT of great deals and I’m getting more daily.

Or send me an e-mail.

I work with McGraw Realtors, a realty company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. McGraw also works the Broken Arrow and Owasso areas. You can learn more about us on our website

Hello, I am a commercial real estate financier. We can provide financing for almost any kind of commercial property including multifamily properties with 5 or more units. I’m looking to help RE investors who are ready to take that first step towards multifamily investments. We want to help you grow and expand your portfolio.

Send me a private message if you’d like to know more. I’m available anytime.

Howdy, Ya’ll:
I’m here in Oklahoma and I’m looking for a funding for flips for SFR. Average total flip 65% LTV 50K to 100K needed for purchase and rehab. We do all the legwork, you provide the funds. 50/50 split of net profit. I only consider good areas with good schools.

Give me a call or email. I’ve got a couple of properties spotted right now. I have a contact list of quality, efficient contractors. We could be under contract by the end of the week.

Jean Chanslor

I am a private lender interested in working with experienced investors in the Oklahoma and Las Vegas areas. We can also do deals in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas if the deal is right:
1-4 unit non owner occupied properties
65% LTV
10% Down Payment
12% Interest Only
6 points
prepaid interest
6month loans
Major rehab also requires Split of the proceeds.

Let us know if we can help!

PM us for additional information

My name is Eric Hackler and I just started my real estate investing company. I’m focused mainly in southeast Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

Eric Hackler

Hello everyone, is this thread still being read or is it inactive? I’m a Real Estate Investor beginning the journey in OK and we’re looking for deals within the OKC and Tulsa metro areas with a focus on properties requiring rehab to make eligible for conventional financing. Our price points are focused between the $150K and $300K single family properties. If you would like to know more or have deals to show us please feel free to contact us. We’re LIMS Investments Inc. Thanks for reading.

Gooooo Thunder!!

Been investing in OK for a while now. Do a little bit of everything at this point. If anyone ever wants to meet up and network for any reason, let me know!

Anyone have any good wholesale deals that you could quote me in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa area? We are actively buying in the smaller cities in Oklahoma too.

Hey from looks kinda dead but if anyone still here in Tulsa, Ok. I wholesale all over Oklahoma and if you need more properties, just message me.

Hey just checking who’s still active, I wholesale in OKC and Tusla. Looking for cash buyers.

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