ok...what is a cash flow club??

lol it sounds like a group who get together and play a real estate board game.
what is the main function of the cash flow club.
(and people wonder why I’m homeless)

I think you’re exactly right. It probably is a group that gets together to play the Cash Flow board game. The game is intended to help people learn to think like an entrepreneur. Why people would join a club that plays a board game - I don’t know. Probably because they find the fantasy of building wealth safer than actually getting out there and doing it.

If you really are homeless, go get a job and start working HARD. America is still the land of opportunity and you can be anything you want to be (if you’re willing to work for it)!

Good Luck,



I suspect the hard core cash flow game devotees are real estate entrepreneurs who eat, drink, and breathe real estate and who are really into this game as a recreational outlet.

The object of the game is to teach the priciples of becoming financially independent/free. It’s done by various methods of investing like RE, stocks, businesses etc… If all you do is play the game and do nothing with the knowledge, then you’re living in a fantasy. It’s just a tool to change the mindset that you need a stable job to be financially free. The rest is up to you.

I have yet to get over 1000 points in the 202 game. I am just bad at it.

Have you seen the price of that board game?? it’s like 200 bucks.

The only person getting wealthy is the crook Kiyosaki.

Download the PC version.