Ok...tenant called-snake in the wall??

New one on me…
Tenant called this afternoon. Said they had a snake behind the fridge. Went to get neighbor. Claims there is a hole in wall behind fridge and when the neighbor tried to get it, it went up the wall! Best part-----claims it’s a 4’ python!
What would you do??
What should I do?
What is my obligation in OK?
I know this is a far fetched question, but…anyone ever had this happen??

This ough to be interesting.


Whose python is it?


Whose python is it?

Monty’s? :anon

What would you do?? What should I do? What is my obligation in OK

But seriously folks. It would be no different than having a rodent or infestation. Who would be responsible for those?

If you (landlord) are, then you should probably call an exterminator before your tenant gets injured for some reason.

Call a pest/wildlife removal company to come get the snake out, and charge it to the tenant that owns the snake.

They claim it’s not theirs. I bought the property with them already leasing it, have seen the inside twice, and didn’t see one then…
Who gets pythons out of walls??? Cause it ain’t gonna be ME!

That’s just funny. Of course if it was my problem it wouldn’t be so funny!! I would just call animal control. Just hope none of them are midgets, or what that python would call FOOD. :beer

 I'll bet there's some kind of trap that you can buy from specialty stores or online.  I'll also bet that you could justify the expense by selling the snake to a pet store.  How do they know it is a python?  That would really suck if it were a venomous breed.  I've called wildlife control specialists in my area, but they wanted $200.00 just to come out and diagnose the problem (find out how many animals there are, how many traps to set, ect.)  I'll also bet that there's some kind of poison you could use then just plug up the hole.  :evil
 Good luck with this one, let us know how it turns out.

You want a trap? I’ll tell you how to make one for snakes…Ps I’m not kidding. A PVC pipe capped on one end, the snake crawls in and can’t get out. I know snake breeders that have them behind their racks to catch escapees. You can put the pipe somewhere warm and quiet where the snake might hide.

You can also use a product like this: http://www.pestproducts.com/snaketrap.htm

Here’s what I’d use…


Not for the timid but finishes what you start!


LOL! :biggrin

I don’t think it would work well indoors unless you were already planning a full gut rehab.

and it makes the neighbors nervous.

In some neighborhoods they might not notice. I’ve got a few around me that shotgun blasts aren’t unusual in.

where at in Ok are you? I am in OK also. I want to steer clear of this house (no - wait - make that town). I hate snakes! I’d sell that house yesterday! ha ha

You’re in the wrong part of the country if you hate snakes. You might want to move to Maine or something.

Tell me about it