ok so now what?.....

i have lined up about 17 acres of property here in fl in a good area (500+k homes), I also have lined up a developer who is interested. im sure i will have to look for any zoning issues before anything (or do i leave that up to the developer?) what next? do i get the seller under contract? find a lender? negotiate with the developer???

there is a 3100+ sq ft property included in the deal as well.

a little help ? :slight_smile:

any help before i mess this up on my end would be great !!


Howdy Len:

You need to decide how much of th edeal you want to do and are able to do. If you can get it under contract you may want to do so to make more money potentially on the deal but with the risk of losing the earnest money if you can not perform.

You may want to be partners with the developer or perhaps another developer. What can you add to the venture, money, financing, credit, time and energy and experience.

You mat just decide to birddog the deal and get a smaller fee and let the developer have all the headaches and rewards as well.

Once you decide what to do the next step will pop out at you.

what i would like to do is to get the property under contract and around the same time get the contract going from the developer.

a lender shouldnt be a problem i believe, due to the exisiting building on the property being well worth the asking price. i would like to do some more research on the property and see exactly whats what.
were talking alot of money, and i really dont trust the developer to give me a “fair” finders fee in this case (ex employer lol) but smaller pieces of land are listed for 8,000,000 -8,500,000 or aprox 600k per acre. i can get the entire thing for aprox 600k.

any suggestions

I say you need to do some more due diligence. Are you sure the land is buildable and/or able to be sub-divided???

I have a hard time beliving you are are able to by this for 10cents on the dollar as an arms-length transaction. Maybe make a trip to the local building departnment and ask a few questions about the ability to build and sub-divide the land you are interested in; no need to disclose the possible purchase price

thank you aak5454 , thats just what i needed to hear :slight_smile: sorry on the $ , stiill learning the edicate here . i have have 2 friends in the business that i have checking on things for me. thank you again.