Ok, lets see who the real deal experts are ! CALLING ALL EXPERTS!

Ok, i’m a pretty experienced and bee around the block fore a while. Does anyone know how to find out the quickest way to find when a house gets served a lis pendens (NOD) err “Notice of Default”?

So, unless you go to the county assessors office you can search a property but, how the heck do all this internet foreclosure companies (realtytrac, foreclosure.com, etc.) know when an NOD gets filed in court?

Because all of those websites their information is so dated! They suck. I’ve already invested money paying monthly membership fees with the three big ones and the foreclosures they have are old. Old information.

Whether it be a Lis Pendes or a NOD, that becomes public information. Companies like realtytrac then get the information and upload it on their websites.

The only way to get faster info is to go there yourself or pay for the 30-60-90 day late services. They get their information I believe from the lenders directly or the credit bureaus.

Thanks for the response!

I could go there but I can only search properties I have an address or legal description for. Well, MB I can flirt with the girl there and ask her how if she could call me everyday a NOD gets filed, right? Err MB not, my GF wouldn’t appreciate that!

Hm, I think I may try subscribing to foreclosure.com (i understand there is a foreclosure(s).com too!

realtytrac and the likes information is good, but not always accurate or timely. It’s great for the passive investor but not someone looking to make a living on buying foreclosures.

The process works, in most states, by the county posting somewhere around the 18th of the month their list of foreclosed properties. This is typically done at the county clerks office. Watch the classifieds in your paper because sometimes they will post defaults here, not often, but you will see them.

Tax sales are through your county tax accessor and you can always start address to see if someone is behind. If they are behind you might be able to get a sweet deal before the home is sold off for back taxes.

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There is a better way…

You can obtain a list all the cases that were filed. Instead of working from an address, ask around at the local office to understand where the list is posted.

The same info will likely be published in a newspaper or other means so the public has been notified. You can subscribe to the publication for your local area.


you’re saying a list gets posted at the county clerks office before they get published in the paper?

Now I’m wondering how my newspaper get THEIR information now… Do they send a worker over to get new notices of lis pendens?


Newspaper listing, required by the statutes, come from the attorneys handling the foreclosure.

Postings…Also required by the statutes, are updated in the county courthouse on a daily basis.

Years ago, I worked exclusively with one title company, as a result they made available about 06:00 or so their “Title Take Off Microfilm” They get the very latest daily recordings from the company that does it for the county.

I got it from them every morning and just had to sit at their mocrofilm reader and scan through the film and find the very up to date NOD or Forelosure Info.

They are in the service business and will often provide service Quid Pro Quo.

You might try and convince your locat title company to provide this info for you…IMO it is the absolute best available.

Bill H