Oil-spill creating good opportunity?

I was thinking… This oil spill down South is apparently still not getting fixed, and causing alot of fear.

How do you all feel on the thought of this creating massive opportunity to buy property close to the ocean at a great bang-for-buck?

My thought was, you got alot of people scared about this ruining the coastline, its really going to scare away buyers around these areas, leaving more great deals for somebody willing to step in.

Since im planning on moving SOMEWHERE South (Texas/Florida/Alabama/Georgia), its just something interesting to think about. I could get closer (not right ON the ocean, but CLOSER) due to this disaster, its deffinetly something to think about.

Any thoughts? Discuss?

I have a friend in Biloxi,MS who bought a house after Katrina for $80k that’s worth $250k (or was).Someone bought another house by him and sect. 8 it,now this very nice neighborhood usually has basketball tournaments in the street and ghetto gliders all over the yard.

I would wait to see how bad this “spill”(more like gusher) gets.It could have a very longterm effect on the coast and scenery.The bugs are even dead in lower LA,and those are some killer bugs.Sad,sad state we’re in.

What is a ghetto glider?

Not an area I’d like to live in, and I only own property that I can drive to.

It’s possible that the local economy will suffer and that makes the tenant situation more difficult when no one has any income. The economy seems to be based on tourist and fishing, both of which could be affected for years.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some good bargains in real estate. Overall bad economy, plus the unattractive oil spill equals “hard to sell”.

I am sure Detroit has better deals. And you wont have to worry about an oil spill in your backyard.


It’s usually an older $500 car that some “obama voter”(still has obama sticker on it,LOL),has spent $6,000 on rims,$5000 on stereo,etc.Oh and they usually sit higher than a truck to fit the ridiculously too big for the car rims on it.These rims weigh about 80lbs+ea,can you imagine this tank with it’s 30yr old drum brakes having to stop??

I’m pretty sure since most of them smoke like crazy and crank these turds with screwdrivers,they did’nt pay for a big brake upgrade.After all,they don’t have any insurance and it’s in their "babies momma"name anyway.Sadly,LOL.

A man made disaster that had caused a lot of problems to our nature

Actually Rob check out flint, mi.----definitely no ocean front though.

A ghetto glider is a…junky old vehicle - for glidin through the ghetto.

it has nothing to do with a person’s political views, it has no expensive rims or stereo, and they don’t have to have it in their babies momma name.

it’s a car that is usually all junked up sitting on the lawn that just happens to have enough life to cruise the streets if needed.

the only sad thing about that post was the racism at a level that is staggering in these days.

the only sad thing about that post was the racism at a level that is staggering in these days.

What racism? I’m not seeing it.


Thanks for the definition,since you have the proper urban dictionary :rolleyes.

Oh and for your typical "racist"label :bs,I have had the same best friend for over 20yrs who happens to be black.Your wornout labels don’t work with me.

Really is that all you got??Racism??I have pictures of years back when I(along with other white dudes)had “ghetto gliders”.Since I grew up there,I’d think I would recognize one.Oh and did I mention I once painted and customized these cars for a living??Your dictionary should’ve told you that white people can live in “Ghettos” also.There are racist rednecks,and there are racist blacks,both equally dumb.

I was asked years back by a black friend my thoughts on the Rebel flag.I said the people flying that flag spiteful are just as ignorant as the ones labeling it as a racist flag.Either one would just move on to another thing to cause an issue.

I can take some pics of some of them here locally that still have their obama stickers on them to relate to your “political” request also.It’ll help prove my point of REAL RACISM,that is a person who voted for someone because they were black and have no clue(or care)what his policy is.Now that’s far away from -judging a person by the content of their character,rather than their skin color-MLK Jr…

Morgan Freeman when asked how to get rid of racism"We just stop talking about it".Would’nt that be nice.

Osama’s favorite tactic: when you’ve got nothing on your side - PLAY THE RACE CARD!


I don’t think SellnBama and people who think like him get it. They think they have a right to make stereotypical comments. And if you call them out on it, you are playing the race card. They represent a new generation of backwards thinking idiots that came before them. What they don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House. There are plans to put in place a world government and both side are in on it. The same people who are trying to implement this plan, trained SellnBama & friends ancestors how to HATE and look down on others through Jim Crowe and other social programs to take the attention off of what is really going on in this country. If banks are allowed to created money out of thin air at least 10 times the amount of our deposits and send that money to ‘overseas’ bankers, who are the real problem in America? Especially since by law, banks aren’t allowed to lend their own money. Supposedly the majority of the tax money doesn’t go to help America, it goes to these same overseas bankers to pay for the interest on the debt that supposedly America owes.

If I was one of the ‘elitist’, I would be overjoyed by the success we have had in America to take attention off our activities. They are robbing this country blind. And if we don’t stand up, and stop looking at other people, and take back this country from them, we want have to worry about a car with new shiny rims on it. So, please continue to make comments like ‘I drove by THEIR neighborhood…’, ‘all they do is make babies and take welfare’, etc. It’s funny how people who make up 14% of Americas’ population can put a candidate in Office. It must be the new math…

What you all don’t realize is that we are all slaves… When you were born, you were made a ward of the state. You own nothing. You can’t do anything without permission. You can’t travel without permit. UNLESS you take certain steps to get back your sovereignty.

So please stop with this ‘Some of my best friends are black’ junk and realize the real problem going on in America and the WORLD. Because if America falls that is it for the REST of the world.

Looks like some people need to learn how to read.Where did I root on the failure of america?There is racism in this country.I was’nt the one who interjected that into this conversation.I was simply putting into perspective the mentality of the dependency class(that’s ever growing).Oh,I did’nt drive buy a low income area"ghetto",I lived in one.

I do enjoy a keyboard toughguy that calls names.Are we ten years old?You can make your points without the childish :bs.

I don’t remember any “training” by any ancestors before me.And I’ve said several times the direction this country is headed is alot bigger than Obama or any other petty arguement.

Try doing a little research into a person before jumping into a post.Wanna know something about me,ask me.Third party gossip in a public forum is for kids,try facebook,it’s on there all day long.

I’ll be here at the grown up table if you need me. :cool

What’s even funnier is that 96% of blacks voted for the chosen one. I’m sure they they all did their homework and made educated votes. LOL

Blacks did not put the chosen one in office by themselves. Latinos and YOUNG (meaning, they don’t know their *** from a hole in the ground) whites were also to blame, uh, I mean responsible for the election outcome.

Wheres My Money - I agree with almost everything you said - except the race stuff. The issue isn’t race, the issue is the haves vs. the have-nots - in other words, the productive vs. the tens of millions of lazy deadbeats that continually have their hand out. Having said that, it is absolutely clear to me that the government has INTENTIONALLY created this entitlement problem for the purpose of crashing the economy (following the Cloward and Piven strategy). Again, this isn’t a race issue. Yes, the government did destroy the black community first (of that there can be no doubt), but they are equal opportunity evil and are certainly destroying the white (and other) communities now.

As for the comment about Ghetto Cruisers, I don’t see how that could possibly be racist. Do only blacks drive junky cars in the ghetto? C’mon down and I can show you a bunch of my low income, welfare collecting, white tenants that drive junky “ghetto cruisers”. The bottom line is that race is totally irrelevant to everything important that’s going on in the USA today. The big banks are STEALING our wealth and the socialists/communists/marxists are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY! My prediction is that this is going to end with tens of millions of dead Americans of all races.