Ohio PM laws

In Ohio, does a property manager have to be a licensed realtor or have any other license/certifications? I am moving out of town, and would like to have my best friend manage my properties (he currently owns/manages 10 of his own and does maintenence and most management duties for 30 of his father in laws properties). I know and trust my friend to do a good job with my rentals and would much rather have him do it (though more expensive) than a property management company. Does anyone know what the Ohio laws are on this, and if he can’t be a “property manager”, what am I able to have him do and still be legal?

Thanks a lot!

okay, then does anyone know how I can go about finding this information on my own?

This may be a good place to start – Ohio Administrative Code

Most states do require a real estate brokers license to manage someone else’s property for compensation. Some states even have a separate Property Management License requirement.

Most states exempt an individual from the licensing requirement who manages your own properties for you as your employee.


Thanks so much, that’s a great start. I’ll check through the OAC link and see what specifics I can find. I only have a couple more weeks in town and I want to try to stay as legal as possible (and practical).

Much appreciated,

Steve R.