Ohio people - who's going to CONNECT?

hey, this is chad (formerly cecsix on this site).

I lost my password, so I created a new name.

who is going to be in columbus next weekend for the OREIA show?

Long-time no see. I think I may actually have to come. I’ve hooked up with some new investment lenders who have CRAZY products. I wanted to make it to this weeks CREIA meeting, but I got tied down at work.
What time/location?


I’ll definitely be there!

Who says going to the REIA meetings don’t have their perks? At Tuesday’s meeting, I dropped my card in one of those fish bowls at a vendor’s table and won 2 tickets to the Browns/Ravens game on New Year’s Day!!! An education AND Browns Tickets - it doesn’t get any better than that!


It’s nice to see there are still some Brown’s fans in Columbus.

Oh man, you’re a Browns fan? I’m sorry to hear that.

(As a Bengals fan, that is what I’ve been hearing for about 15 years now. It’s nice to be able to say it to somebody else.)


Check out the program at Oriea.org (i think that’s the site). sorry i don’t have more info with me today. lots of great speakers and networking opportunities. plus, it’s right next to the arena district, so i’ll be consuming some adult beverages during the evening.

should be fun.


Why is the mascot of Ohio State a horse chestnut? My wife is from Columbus and an Ohio State grad and she can’t answer this…


Sounds like fun. That link did not work. Where else kind I find info?

sorry- here you go -


it’s next friday-sunday at the hyatt regency.

only $79 per person for all weekend. $99 for couples or partners.

Why is the mascot of Ohio State a horse chestnut? My wife is from Columbus and an Ohio State grad and she can't answer this...


I am also an Ohio State grad. The mascot for Ohio State is named Brutus Buckeye because the official tree of Ohio is the Buckeye Tree. Why name a bootball team after the nut from a tree… I haven’t a clue! What can I say? It is Ohio!


Speaking of Horse chestnuts and wolverines…it’s that time again!!

[i]I just heard on the news that one of the Michigan players got injured in a horse riding accident.

He fell out of the saddle, caught one foot in a stirrup – and came close to being trampled to death.

Just in the nick of time, the Walmart Store Greeter rushed over and unplugged the horse.[/i]

:dance:                           [b]     Go BUCKS!!![/b]

I was Born in Parma Ohio. Moved to Denver when I was 2 so GO BRONCOS!!!

Hey Buckeye fans!

Heard this one at work!

The Seven Dwarfs are in a cave when the roof collapses.
Snow White runs to the entrance and yells into the darkness, “Somebody, say something!”
A distant voice responds, “Michigan will win the BCS Championship!”
Snow White sighs, “Oh, thank goodness! At least, Dopey is still alive!”

Go buckeyes. 8)

Funny stuff!

I cannot believe that there has not been a Michigan response to this post.

I heard a good one on the radio this morning, let me see if I can put this in print;

The teacher announces to her first grade class that she is a fan of the Michigan football team. She asks for a show of hands by those who are also Michigan fans.
Many of the children aren’t really sure what “Michigan fan” means. However, wanting their teacher’s approval, their little hands fly into the air.
There’s one exception. A little girl named Amy doesn’t go along with the crowd.
The teacher asks her why she didn’t raise her hand.
“Because I’m not a Michigan fan,” she reports.
“Well,” the teacher inquires, “what are you?”
“I’m an Ohio State Buckeye Fan,” Amy replies.
A little bothered by this, the teacher asks, “And just why are you an Ohio State Fan?”
“Well, my Daddy’s a Buckeye fan. My Mommy’s a Buckeye fan. So, I’m a Buckeye fan, too.”
Now the teacher is becoming angry. “Those aren’t good reasons, Amy,” she insists. “What if your mom was dumb and your dad was an idiot? What would you be then?”
Amy smiles and says, “Then, I’d be a Michigan fan.”

Ha! Great stuff. I am surprised that there has not been a larger response. I guess everyone waits to log on when they get home.

I was really wanting to see some good Buckeye bashing jokes from our friends in Michigan!

[i]Got one last one…

How do you get a Michigan grad off of your front porch?

Pay him for the pizza.[/i]