Offshore purchase of apartments

I’m based in the UK and yields here are so low that I’ve found it impossible to buy any property that lets me sleep at night. The view here is that prices will keep rising (and to be fair they have) and that’s where the return will come from.

As a result, I am looking at buying in the US. I’m after apartments with 12 units and above and looking to spend a maximum of $2.0 million. I’m looking for 80% financing.

Does anyone know if I will be able to finance a US property being that I only have a European credit rating (though it is an excellent rating) and I’m not resident in the US.

Also how many points above base would be a reasonable interest rate.



Not a problem.

Rates are between 6.75% and 7% @ 75% LTV above 1 million on 10year fixed 30 Year Amortization products and between 7.00% and 7.250% @ 80% LTV.

I’m curious, does anyone have a good resource explaining how the European credit/loan/bank/finance system works? Is it very similar to the U.S. or are there a lot of differences? Once I master certain U.S. markets, I’m thinking it would be a fun challenge to try and master some European markets.