Offers must be in by 6pm tonight, on house that is held by auction company

Asking price $299,000 needs updating, similar houses in vicinity are worth as much as $370,000, should I submit offer, found this on trulia, trulia emails me daily , and this house poped up an hour ago in my email

Investors who would like for me to bid for them,

For a fee, if they win bid, please reply, ill give you address .

box, not too many people know,

Could you explain what this means, please?


Yes, a 2 family house in an area where home prices are skyrocketing, old couple owned property for 30 years, their asking price is $299,000 house needs repairs, do not know what kind, but auction company is accepting highest offer , the deadline is 6pm tonight, viewing for this property was already held 12pm to 1pm, similar houses in area are worth closev to
I dont have the $5000 for deposit if my offer is accepted, but willing to partner or help other investors on this website who would like to participate in this , finding a deal for investors, would like to get finders fee…


So, are you saying this is a partner request?

…think out your answer carefully…(hint: you might want to review the Forum Rules first)


Knowing this thread probably won’t last long here, but anyway…
I was looking up some of our properties the other day. For houses I have valued at $35,000 for our records, Trulia and Zillow had a couple of them valued at $85,000-103,000. Do I like keeping our true property values artificially low? No… What I’m saying is these sites can be WAY off for values.

Hi John,

I think you may looking for deals partner to participate in Real Estate Deals. But, This is not the right place.