Offer to Purchase Forms

  1. Can anyone tell me or provide me with a basic “Offer to Purchase” form that I can use to make offers on different propertie at the same time?


Do I have to use the Offer to Purchase Agreement provided by a real estate agent (which is about 10 pages in So.California)

  1. Also, if I am just making an initial offer and I am making offers on different properties, do I need to provide an earnest money deposit with each offer that I do?

  2. If I need to provide an earnest money deposit with each offer, what is the minimum and/or average deposit to make?

R. Davis

You can create an “intent to purchase real property” letter that simply states the price, and terms of the purchase of the property. It is quicker than a contract. No earnest money is necessary and it is non-binding.

If the seller has an interest, they or their agent will ask you to turn it into a contract. A real estate agent is required to present all offers to the seller.

In CT the most common EMD I have seen is 1k, but I have seen as low as 100.00.

Hi! I’ve used as little as one dollar earnest money on almost all single-family home purchases I’ve made, which is ten in under three years. I can’t speak for other states, but Minnesota allows a promissory note, or anything of value to be used as earnest money.

That’s true. We can use promissory notes and items of value also. But will teh seller accept them?

That’s great using 1.00. I’ll bet you fight hard to get that deposit back weal goes wrong.