Offer to Purchase Contract??

So I finally find my first motivated seller, checked out the house, and now I want to make an offer, but I can’t find ANY offer contracts! They have to close in TWO WEEKS!

Maybe someone else could tell me if there is any OTHER way to take this property off the market other than to create a binding offer to purchase…I verbally left her a message earlier, but don’t know if she received it…

I’d really appreciate it!! Thanks to all for your help!

Howdy Naalerud:

You can get a contract at your local title company, Realtors office, or on line a lot of times at your states real estate commission office. Just do a google search or call your local office to get their website address. Use the contract for your state. As an example the Texas site is


Hi Tedjr,

I picked one up at my Realtor’s office…thanks so much for the advice!