Offer made on probate.....


I made an offer to the attorney in writing over a week ago for my probate house. I know there is a court process involved, but should it take this long to get an answer back? I’m probably going to call him today and find out what the delay is. I’m READY to start rehabbing!!!


I did the same recently. They countered within a few days. It was a multiple counter and I didn’t make the second cut. Your offer may have been rejected. Call the broker/attorney and find out the status of your offer. The offer should be accepted subject to court approval.

Not sure about the rules in your state, but in California there is a bidding process that occurs even if the court approves a bit. Any late offers have to meet minimum bid requirements to be considered. If you really want the property and your offer was not accepted, you can find out when the court date is and attend. You can submit a late offer there, but it will have to meet minimum bid requirements. You should know if it is worth bidding higher if you really want to do this.

Probate properties tend to take longer than most to close.