Offer LOW

Question for all the GURU’s of this group. I know of many groups that send out letters to home owners offering a price much lower than value in order to flip the property but has anyone ever made a LOW offer on a property up for sale?

There is a track home in my area that appears the same as being built. Origionally price was 620 and then dropped to 570K since then they have even taken off the for sale sign. I know with about 15K investing this property could get 600K as that is going in this neighborhood.

So my thoughts are put in an offer of say 500K and see where it gets me. Am I completely dreaming or is there a possibility?

Thanks in advance


I guarantee you one thing. If you never present the offer, it will never be accepted.


What’s the worst that can happen? The sellers will either flat out decline your offer or they may be willing to work with you and counter offer. As Raj noted, you won’t know until you make an offer!