Offer Letter Help

OKay, one thing i am confused on is how to make an offer? This is one thing that is enveryone’s must-do list, but no one really explains what this entails.

What is in an offer letter?
What does one look like?
Can anyone post a sample?

Howdy Slazarz:

There are a few ways to make an offer. Sometimes when dealing directly with an owner I may just make a verbal offer. Sometimes I may say I know you are asking $55,000 for the 5 plex but what do you really want or what is your bottom dollar. The offer no matter how it is presented should include the price and terms and the closing date etc.

Most offers are written on earnest money contracts and presented to the sellers agent by your agent or by you. The offer forms are available on line thru your local Real Estate Commission or you can get them from a title company or a Realtor. If it is listed with a Realtor they will usually write the offer for you as part of the process.

Sometimes on commercial deals a letter of intent is used where you write a short letter to the listing agent or owner spelling out what price and terms you will pay for the property.