I have a question for investors in Texas? What form do you use to put the property under contract? For some reason when I went to my closest real estate office they did not know what I was talking about. Can someone please tell me what the name of this form is and where I can get it?
Thank you very much.


It matters what type of property. You can get an official TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) form for 1-4 Family Residential (i.e., contract to purchase an SFR, Form #20-7) or any other RE form here:

Thanks for the reply! that was great!
I took a look at it and it looks like a P&S that I am used to. Isn’t there a form that you offer to purchase the property and once the buyer accepts the offer then you fill out the P&S or do you just fill the P&S and that is it?

Thanks and sorry if I have too many questions



The 20-7 contract is all you need. I usually submit it with earnest money to the title company same day it’s signed or next day.

Thank you that was very helpful