Octo-mom's grandmother foreclosure


Thing is, is someone does short-sale her house, they will probably all move into some shelter and we’ll still be forced to subsidize octo-mom’s “indulgences”. Woo-Woo Socialism! :silly

Octo-Mom is so last week–her fifteen minutes are up. She’s been replaced by the “Chimp Lady” of Stamford, CT as media freakshow of the week.

You can say what you like about Octomom, but she is really good looking! I would rather look at her any day than that chimp lady.

Well, in all fairness chimp lady is like 70 years old

Your kidding right?

No, I am not kidding. Do you think she is not good looking?

Nah, that woman is not good looking…Angelina Jolie on crack. Oh well Different strokes for different folks, some people still think the Olsen twins are still hot.

For all the people who thought they’d turn out to be hot when they got older, I think they resemble Skeletor.

I dont see any part of Octo-mom that could be considered “hott” or “good looking”. lol

There is a difference between if a person is good looking and that you like them (unless you are a girl) I don’t like her nor do I like Jane Fonda. But both of them are good looking.

She is overweight with a chopped up face. How you can call her hot is beyond me.

She is not overweight. She just had 8 babies. Pregnant women are not fat. Now the face is pretty. She is the same cute as Rachel Ray. But everybody likes Rachel so she is pretty but everybody dislikes Octomom so she is not.

Octomom urgently needs a guy (Octodad) who is desperate for children and a wife and he had better be rich, too. Anybody on this site good at changing diapers and diapers and diapers?


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Olsen twins… Dude, I lusted for them daily when they were in their late teens while I was in my early 30’s. Don’t anybody dare play the jail-bait card - they were hot back then! They were!! :bobble I faithfully watched their countdown to 18 website. :banana Alright, fine, you can play the jail-bait card. Today, I still lust for them when I see pictures of them in their late teens. Then I see their most recent pictures on tabloid magazines, and, if any of you have seen that cartoon, The Emperor’s New Groove, when Kronk bursts into Yzma’s tent while she’s sleeping… Yea, I have one of those moments for the Olsen twins now. :crying2

Bluemoon, this should be of interest to you:

I’m getting sick of the chimp story. You think you have it bad, you don’t live in CT. I hear 500% more about it here, including all the talks of new animal regulations, etc.

Octomomporn? I wonder what her body looked like before she had almost a dozen kids at once?

Her Kitty before:

Her Kitty after:

I heard part of an interview with MonkeyMom where she seemed more concerned about the death of her “son” than her (human) friend’s face being torn off! For a moment I was outraged, but then I felt a little bit of compassion when I realized the obvious: this woman is completely out of her mind.