occupied houses

I have been driving certain neighborhoods in search of ugly vacant houses for the past three weeks. What I’ve found out is that there’s plenty of ugly houses but they are rarely vacant (I’ve only found eight). I’m steering clear of the houses that are occupied because I’m a beginner and I just figured it would be best if my first deal is a vacant house. Is my fear justfied? Or, should I just get over it and start talking to those owners as well? Are occupied houses a pain to wholesale?

It depends on what you are wanting to accomplish and what the current status of these properties are.

If they are NOD/Pre foreclosures then I would say go talk to the homeowners and see if they would be interested in a short sale.

If they are post foreclosure don’t waist your time. The asset mangers will evict them then put the property on the market. So talking to them would be pointless.

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