Occupied dumps

I know of locating owners of vacant fixers but what about occupied fixers. In my driving for dollars I found several dumps that are being occupied. They are the dump of the neighborhood. I found one where these people have lived in the home for 50 years - seems everything is original. I wondered if anyone has contacted these people to ask the owner if they would consider selling their home and if so how did they approach them?

I didn’t mention - here is what I thought would be a good approach - but concerened it might be too corporate like

We are a local investment group looking to purchase homes in your area. We would like to speak with about possibly purchasing your home. ------

Hm. I have a friend who is a lawyer full time but does real estate on the side and she just walks up, knocks on the door and sparks up convo and asks with the biggest warmest smile you could ever imagine “Hey, so what’s the deal with this house?! Do you guys want to sell it?!”. And usually they’re so let loose with her because how friendly she is that they never just say no. They actually concider it. I’ve never done it, but it seems to be a good aproach for her. Give it a shot. Might work for you.

lol - pretty bold but good approach to consider

Im just guessing here, but people who have lived in there house for 50 years more than likely do not want to relocate, I am sure that if you caught them just before the nursing home you may get lucky or something.

I think I would dedicate my time to networking, working with realtors, and advertising. I have never knocked on any doors or even sent out flyers and have bought or sold 45+ units, but too each his own, if knocking works then knock away.