Obtaining financing for over 4 units

Hi…I am new to investing and new to the forum. I have a few questions:
I am looking to buy my first multi-unit in Maine. After running the numbers, in order to make a profit, I would need more than 4 units. Every mortgage company that I have investigated considers 5+ units “commercial” and therefore requiers 20% down. I have excellent credit (720’s+) but don’t have the upfront cash to put down. Any suggestions/alternatives?



I know of a lender that will allow 5% down on commercial properties, but only if the seller will take a 20% second.

so essentially they will only finance 75% right? hmmm…

Shhhhhhh… 8)

Most commercial lenders will go up to 90%,95% if you have excellent credit, then seller can always carry.