Obtaining credit cards

Trying to get back on track after being stupid as a kid - currently have a couple Charge Offs and a credit score of 596. Any chance of a department store or gas company issuing me a card so I can start to re-build?

Sure…you can also get a secured debit card that will assist you…


Thanks. I actually have a card on the way - will definately follow the steps outlined by many to get it back going. Just wasn’t sure department stores would issue one to somebody who’s rating says “Poor”.

You can get a secured credit card without the wait and hassle at either a Bank of America or Wells Fargo branch. Just walk in, fill out a form, deposit the money, and you’ll get a card in no time.

You can also try to apply with Capital One or Providian but that may be a wait.

you can actually secure a loan with your money at your bank without pulling your report, and the plus is it will be reported as being paid on time at the credit report agencies. A good way of bringing up your score. It may take time, but it can work.

good luck.