Obnoxious Braggart shud be better trained in People Skills

I know I shudnt brag, it’s a serious character flaw I know.
But, I’ve completed 9 deals this year, & 4 deals this month, for a total of $28,200 Frikin Dollars. In one Month.
It’s a new monthly record, for me anyways.
Somebody shut me up.
I got 3 more deals ready to close any minute and several others in escrow and just got 1 on contract.
I back up my bragging with photos of my checks and I hope it can motivate some of you boneheads thinking
about wholesaling Real Estate to jump in and get your share of the pie…
The crazy thing is, I know I’m small time, but every year, I get better at it.
Let’s make some Money


People skills are overrated.

I’ve come across too many rich, braggadocios jackasses in my career, to believe it’s all about people skills.

I think its more about results. As long as you give people what they want, they care less about you.

Good going Randoskie!


Congrats Rando!    :beer


Haha, I really do believe in having some good people skills and I’ve spend a lot of time and money on salesmanship, attitude and motivation and mindset training.
I have a buddy that started about the same time as me, he is argumentive, wont read a book to save his life, thinks he knows everything, stubborn, works with a slow ass old laptop and he only knows how to email. Wen we did some deals together he was pissing of my buyers and one told me he wud never do a deal with that guys name on a contract.
When I suggest taking a computer class and upgrading his computer, and learning people skills and getting a better attitude, he has a dozen reasons why he shudnt.
He wont buy bandit signs, he cant afford to do direct mail, but he eats out every meal and takes his GF to the coast on overnight liaisons.
Sadly, he’s only done 5 deals and 4 were ones I helped him with.
The more I try to help him with suggestions, the more hostile he becomes. Of course with my character flaw I like to email him photos of my checks and the goodies I buy and that really pisses him off. Haha
What can you do with a guy like that?
Let’s make some Money…

I agree. I made the mistake one time of feeling sorry for someone because they had three kids, just getting “back on their feet” and their wife was crying. Never again!