obama's darling....Acorn.

I want yall to checkout- www.biggovernment.com and watch the organization who’s in the whitehouse with the sensus bureau.Oh and forgot to mention obama trained some acorn members,anyone remember??Man,whatta mess we’re in!!

Furnished,any explanation for this??

Thanks for bring in this out. Acorn does a lot of good work. This is not the only one.


It would be like trying to explain why a REPUBLICAN SENATOR propositioned MEN in Airport bathrooms. He was an idiot…Just like his DEMOCRATIC associates that were chasing pages around hotels in DC…This is what WE send to WASHINGTON…They get SENT there because they have the right HAIR, they look good on TV, they have a nice SMILE…Americans CONTINUE to send LOSERS to represent them…They get LOSERS because of the MONEY it takes to get elected…By the time you’ve sold your SOUL to get to the top of the money heap…There ain’t much left!!!

And I’m talking about BOTH sides here…Dems AND Repubs.

WOW…what a story!!! Corruption, Sex, Money, and LIES in Goverment…NOOOOO…Can’t be happening.

WAKE UP…This has been going on FOREVER on BOTH sides of the aisle.

I thought you and I were on a civil base.Please don’t talk down to me.I’ve seen all these types of scams going on long before this.I only made this post for those who don’t see the real picture.My friend was speechless when she seen this,I told her this has been going on for a long time.I think seeing it so obviously connected is what is key here.Hence the subject Obama/Acorn.I do 100% agree that it’s both sides of the broken 2 party system that have made fools of themselves @ our expense.

I wasn’t talking down to you…You asked for an EXPLANATION…I gave you REAL one…

It’s 100% accurate and truthful.


I don’t blame OBAMA for every single thing wrong in our country…Obama never TRAINED these people (in the video) like you infer…It’s like saying Obama trained the people that murdered that couple down south that had a dozen special needs kids because the idiots who killed them were in the military and Obama commands the military…

Dude…It’s a STRETCH…even for you.

But if you want to believe Obama sat down with these people and literally “TRAINED THEM” to do this??? That’s fine…You go right ahead and believe that…

I just don’t think you’ll have a lot of company at that table.

Yeah,obama and acorn have no ties, :rolleyes I don’t remember blaming Obama for all problems,since he’s only been pres for 9mnths.I would expect since Acorn got some 'stimulous" money and is working with the sensus bureau to be a bit more important than someone in a sexual bathroom ordeal.Since they are using tax dollars to do this and also go to townhalls on command,yeah I’m concerned FD as we all should be.Since I’m not a repub or dem,the two party ping pong game does’nt effect me.I asked furnished to reply as she seems to be so convenced Obama is great and polished to perfection that I just want to make my case he’s just another lying politician.

I understand your concern…and the point is a good one…It’s OUR MONEY being spent here…I just thougth it was a stretch to imply Obama TRAINED THESE fools…

But…you are right…It’s another example of our money being flushed down the toilet by people it was never intended for.

By the way…I hope you enjoy the new people mover we have under construction here in my State. It will cost $200 million and it will move people about 2 blocks from a parking garage to the airport!!! (I guess they couldn’t WALK the 2 blocks) they’ll get to STAND on a giant conveyer belt and be carried the 2 blocks!!!
Our Washington Politicians had a big ribbon cutting ceremony when it started!!!



That’s REALLY what our Goverment (on BOTH SIDES) runs on!!!

How about you Bama???..You gotta have a few good BACON stories from down there ???


Crazy,simply insane crazy.I seen more on murtha pork projects yesterday.I guess they’re all just following what’s kept crazya$$ pelosi in office so long.Who honestly can trust a face like that,I was just waiting for her to bust out a “we’re in the money” jig.lol