Obama open to all ideas... anybody have any?


Obama says he is open to all ideas on how to fix the economy… :banghead

You have got to be f’ing kidding me.

I bet an idea that DOESNT involve massive government control/spending will be quickly dismissed as a stupid idea by the Dems.

I liked T Boone Pickens “interstate” corridor of wind/electric generation. Then natural gas for vehicular transportation.

If done on a grand scale…the thing had legs.

Kills 2 birds with one stone: jobs and energy consumption.


I’ll be interested to see how when they start offering tax incentives to business to hire again, how they are going to argue that it should not have been done 10 months ago instead of feeding every pet-Democratic project out there and then some…

After all, Obama himself said - “TRUE recovery comes from the PRIVATE SECTOR”… Guess all those MISSING TAX RECEIPTS from the PRIVATE SECTOR finally woke him up to this point…

Oh, so once he takes over the private sector, he can get all the credit for the recovery. That’s the plan…

AAAAWWWW!!! (Angels parting the skys sound)

Other than stepping down maybe he could stop scaring small business owners with the thought of over expensive mandatory health insurance policy so they wont be afraid to hire more employees.