Obama is out of There

You don’t have the fire in the belly you won’t win a second term. Look at what happened to George Bush 41. He got the job and realized that he didn’t want it but nobody can just walk away from the “best job in the world” So he ran a lack luster campaign. As opposed to Clinton who craved the job. That means the Republican will win in 2012. You heard it here first! We really need to make sure we nominate a real person for the Republican nominee.


I mean… im not sure.

The Democrats are still going to raise a hell of a lot of money, probably way more than the Republicans. And, there are alot of idiots out there who will vote Democrat even though Obama isn’t doing the best job (im being nice).

Heres what concerns me… IF you watch the debates… NOT ONE (except for Ron Paul… who we all know if fighting a BIG uphill battle to win, most likely isnt going to happen.) of them is actually going to change things.

I will vote for Obama before I reward the Republicans with a vote for Romney or another mainstream republican.

Romney/Bachman/Sanitorum/Pawletty/Gingrich are all better than Obama, but they arent REALLY a homerun hit. THis country is in DEBT, and needs somebody who is DEAD SERIOUS about cutitng the spending, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is mainstream Republican who WILL NOT go against the establishment. Nothing will change if one of them is elected. Itll be a Bush-like presidency with 500-700 billion dollar a year deficits instead of a trillion and 1/2 a year deficit.

The way im looking at this is … no matter how bad things get, if you, yourself, are doing well, people are going to be desperate for your assets, and youll just get richer because that’ll create opportunity.

But anyway… after watching the Repub debate… its sad. Not one candidate is worthy of presidency… Its more BS just like we’ve had the last 40 years. (except for Ron Paul). None of them offer real solutions… its a joke.

…even more so, Barbara Bush did not want a second term. After having ben there, I’m not sure why anyone would actually want the job.


The challenge Ron Paul has is that he is telling the truth and even though deep down most people realize he is telling the truth, they don’t want to hear it. Most people would rather hear a BS line on how a little tweeking here and there will fix everything rather than realize that there are serious fundamental problems that will hurt a lot to actually fix to help ensure a more prosperous future.


BTW, is this some sort of political discussion?

Not at all :beer

No politics here just patriotic.

Ron Paul see what is happening but he has a problem in that he doesn’t know where he is. He lives in the USA. A country of the first class. A country of the first class is that its government has to do certain things. We are structurally set up that there is not enough income to pay for that. Anybody can solve the problem but they will turn us into a third world country and get voted out of not impeached. Or at least since the congressmen want to be reelected they won’t pass any changes that take us from the first world.

Ron Pauls ideas would hurt us short term for a while ,but in the long run… Returning to a strict Constitutional Government would lead to more prosperity and would prevent us from being owned by China.

The way things are going right now, the next generations of Americans will be working as slaves to China. Debt has a nasty habbit of doing that.

Us as individuals avoid debt like a plague, and its time our Government does the same. We need put a AXE to the budget (like Ron Paul wants too). Cutting Government spending will hurt in the short term obviuosly, because theres less “easy” money floating around… but its time to take away the credit card away from the 13 year old girl (our Government).


Don’t believe any of it. This guy has raised/committed a little over a billion dollars to swamp the competition and make sure any democratic second-guessers think twice about taking him on. If the dems thought he wasn’t serious, there are half a dozen contenders willing to assume the mantle as the democrat candidate.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. However, it would take MUCH more than some pensive, sympathetic USA Today rag to convince me otherwise.

BTW, if he does run, and gets elected, there’s a serious lawsuit brewing over his background and history that is just begging to be another “deep throat-esque” explosion.

The POTUS has some significant inconsistencies regarding his whereabouts and activities in the early1990’s, not to mention a boatload of strange misuses/abuses of the social security number he uses.

You might think a person whose social security comes up under nearly fifty aliases might be more than a victim of identity theft. However, oddly the POTUS has never complained about this issue…but spent a bunch of money trying to keep prying eyes away from figuring it out…or settling it in his favor…

I would be spitting nails and taking rifle shots from the top of a building, if my social security number had been stolen and abused over 50 times…and chronically screwing up my credit and identity. . Hmmm. :banghead :banghead :banghead

Be glad it’s not my number!!! :biggrin

Hey can I email Mike and tell him politics are OK now?

Do you actually keep in touch with him? I used to like him.

I still like Mike and I want everybody to buy his book. http://store.biggerpockets.com/books/landlord/1MinutetoRentalPropertyRiches.html I just wished he could get his mind wrapped around the fact that just because a person doesn’t believe what you believes does not make them Satan.

And this is getting a lot closer to politics than I though it would. I just thought we were talking about if he had lost the will to run or not, not what his views were.