Obama got his endorsement


Nothing like having Castro approve of your moves…

Praise from Castro - just goes to show that Obama’s on the right track! I’m sure that Castro can give Obama some good pointers on becoming fully communist!

I heard today the strategy for November is “racism”. I only hope this right,because that’s soooooo not gonna work twice.

And this idiot is still trying to convence america( I thought everyone loved it)this Healthcare bill is great.The fact is,they are seeing the wrath of the Majority.Let’s make them feel it in November!!!

Record breaking turnouts this November,any bets??

I went to a meet the candidates forum last night. I was shocked to find that there was palpable anger and several people there were at least as far “right” as I am, INCLUDING ALL THE CANDIDATES. I’ve never heard that kind of talk from a candidate before.

I was going to ask about the candidates’ stance on the 2nd Amendment. I was fifth in line to ask a question. EVERY QUESTION BEFORE ME WAS ABOUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT! I was stunned. Most of the candidates said they had their concealed carry permits and they were all in favor of concealed carry WITHOUT A PERMIT! All of the candidates also said that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to protect the people from a tyrannical government. WOW!

They also all indicated that we need to SLASH entitlements.

If most of the candidates elected in the November election have these values, there might be a glimmer of hope for the country (assuming the Obamanation doesn’t destroy the country before november).

Third World Dictators love Obama. Maybe O can invite Castro to the White House and they can hold hands and sing “happy together”. I guess Obama should feel proud to get congrats from a man who has killed his own citizens, oppressed their freedoms and has forced tens of thousands to flee Cuba risking their lives in shark infested water just to try and escape. Way to go Obama.

The fact is that country is split down the middle 49% for healthcare 42% against. Listening to the media you would think it is 99% against. The truth is that Americans are compassionate and want to make sure its fellow citizens get help. There are a few vocal people that are scared of change but by and large people are proud of congress for finally getting this done. Now on with working out the details of making it work for us all.

We had people that were afraid with every major change in the country. People were afraid when we decided to rebel against Britain and form the USA, people were afraid when we started social security, people were afraid when the slaves were freed, people were afraid when the schools were desegregated, people were afraid when gays got the right to marry and people are afraid now. It is nothing new except for the noise.

What polls show that America is split? Every poll I see shows a clear majority of citizens that are against Obamacare.

I saw the rallies against Obamacare, but I never saw one rally in favor of it.

It was a USAToday/Gallup poll.


That poll only took 1005 votes. Im not sure thats a quite accurate estimation for the whole country.

EVERYBODY I talk to, aside from the Obama idiots that know nothing (dont even know how much he is spending), rejects this Health Care Bill.

Dont think a lot of conservative or republican folks would go be on usa todays ebsite to cast thier vote in favor.

I always talk about the power of statistics for this same reason. Statistics allows you to know what a population is using a very small sample. In statistics there is a concept called the central limit theorem which states that the population that you are trying to measure gets large, it tends to distribute itself as a normal distribution. Once you have a normal distribution you can predict its characteristics using very small sample sizes that can be mathematically determined. These are samples not censuses. You don’t count everybody you count a sample.

So for a confidence interval of 4 (which means you thing 4% will answer intentionally wrong) and a 95% (5% will be confused by the process or question) confidence level. For a population of actual voters 100,000,000 you need a sample size of 1,020.

robdedgar has hit the concern on the head. It is not a concern about how many it is who they polled. If all you sample is in my neighborhood it will show that nobody likes the healthcare law, but if you sample the 9th ward in New Orleans it will show that everybody likes it.

But that is why you use companies like Gallup or Rasmussen etc. They know how to select samples.

Alot of my young friends are for the Obamacare Plan. Not only do they not realize all the reprocussions from this bill, (even noted in the Associated Press). They think as long as everyone has FREE healthcare, everyone will be all right.

When we argue conservatively about this topic even though I know a little more than them they say that I am the stupid one and I wear a tin foil hat.

Needless to say one is unemployed and lives in Massachusets where they are req’d to have Health Ins. They also criticize my retail website while they are on unemployment.

It is only a few of my freinds that agree with this new bill, but most of them are just as unhappy as most of us.

Tell your friends that this is the future of ObamaCare. Ain’t waiting in line for handouts grand?


I can’t wait!

I wonder if the citizens of Detroit thought that scene was a victory for the city and went exceedingly well?


Rasmussen does NOT agree with Bluemoon and USA Today…

Actually I was refering to the majority of america as the conservative as numerous poles have shown.But even still,I don’t remember seeing an even split on the Obamacare subject anywhere.Most do oppose this administration(and growing by the minute),but November will prove it.

Oh and if America is so racist towards Obama(which voting/supporting someone strictly on race is racist)why does Indonesia hate him right now.That is also where he went to elementary school.I have friends in Chicago and he’s not Mr. Great there either.

In due time people will see what these places have already experienced.Obama is all about Obama,he could care less about blacks or the party.If america is so racist,this man would’nt be president,the majority of whites voted for him.Plus nobody’s discussing he’s 1/2 black.Wonder what the other half is,racist white?? :rolleyes

That is what I mean when I say it depends on which group you poll. But even that Rasmussen poll says that it is about half and half. It is not like you would believe that it is 90% want no healthcare.

Also you have to remember that the 50% that is for healthcare is for healthcare. The 50% that is not for healthcare includes people that are against healthcare and people that just don’t know and are confused. That means as soon as people understand what is in the law the people supporting it will only go up.

That means as soon as people understand what is in the law the people supporting it will only go up.

Ridiculous. As soon as people realize that their taxes are going WAY UP and their level of care is going WAY DOWN, the number of people opposing Obama’s socialist healthcare system will go up.

Exactly right Propman.If everyone would love it,why was it hidden behind closed doors and passed so fast without debate???Maybe he beleives the Pelosi insane theory of “we have to pass the bill so americans can see what’s in it”.I guess you’re part of that 11% that approve of congress and Pelosi Bluemoon,good luck with that.LOL!!

Property Man. I think you are correct. However, I think the only people who will feel the first of this pain and suffering will be only the elderly. I hope that everyone eventually sees the BS in this bill before its too late. Most of the damage wont take effect until 2014.