Obama coming to my home town this week!


Goody! Last month, one national news outlet dubbed Kokomo “The Town The Stimulus Saved.” This city is still dead a door nail, going to be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets.

I feel honored he is taking the time to come to my town.

(P.S, I hear hes planning on playing a game of basketball while hes here, NO JOKE :rolleyes )

uhh ohh, political!!! get him mods!! get him mods!

ohh i forgot about the no political thing, didnt even cross my mind. sorry :bouncemulti

Yes, Obama has been running for re-election. Lots of photo opportunities instead of staying home and doing his job.

Who is running the country while Obama is in Kokomo playing basketball?

I live on a military base… and im 99.9999% sure I just a saw a plane land, and saw Obama getting into a black vehicle, with 2 police vehicles in front, and 2 behind the black vehicle. Never seen anything like it… wow. I could tell it was a bit “secretive”, i was driving on a backroad and caught a glimpse of it.

It would make sense because this is the only highly secure place to land in a 50 mile radius, and hes visiting a town 10 miles away.

Indeed it was Obama… wow. Did a little research and he infact was supposed to land here, I just got “lucky” enough to be driivng by at the right time. I was the only person who saw. Pretty cool.

For a variety of reasons, they try to land at military installations - it is Air Force 1, after all and is piloted and staffed by active duty military. The logistics and security are just so much easier on a military installation than on a civilian airport that it’s not funny.

While it’s on the ground, it needs to be cleaned, refueled, secured, etc., etc…

I’ve probably been in over 200 motorcades…