Obama appoints Ford CEO to US trade council

Ford CEO Alan Mullaley has been appointed to the US Council on exports.

Nice choice…

I guess this could be a SOCIALIST PLOT to DERAIL Fords comeback. :help

Alan Mullaley is a winner.

The guy obviously knows what he is doing.

After he turns Ford around perhaps the Ford family can move him to the Detroit Lions G.M. position.

He is more likely to dig the country out of debt in 30 days than to give the Lions a winning season. :flush :anon

If you think Mike is alone in this, he’s not. A poll released today by a Democratic polling source says that 55% of Americans think that “Socialist” is an accurate label for Obama:


The only PROBLEM with that poll is…

WHO’s this guy OBAMA???

Mike’s always talking about OSAMA…

Do you think the POLL RESULTS would have been different if OSAMA had been used??? Ya know, like MIKE uses it here…You know Mike right…The MODERATOR!!!

I wonder how many of the people POLLED could DEFINE the term SOCIALIST correctly???

But hey…That’s just silly, expecting AMERICANS to understand things like socialism, their MORTGAGES, how revolving credit works, or even their own HISTORY!!!

And to answer your question:

Do I think MIKE is alone???

NO…I think there’s a lot of people in this country just like Mike…CRYING about SOCIALISM, but with his HAND OUT DEPOSITING those GOVERMENT SECTION 8 checks in his BANK ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH!! :shocked

What a PATRIOT!!!

So, because Mike is a Moderator, he’s not entitled to post or have an opinion?

I think we’ve had this discussion before - in a different time when you were a different person…

He’s entitled to his opinion…Just like I’m entitled to MY OPINION of him.

My issue with Mike is SIMPLE…Takes EXACTLY what he’s complaining about from the very people he’s complaining are giving it away…But because it’s MONEY…It’s OK.

If MIKE Really believed his own BS he wouldn’t do business with a SYSTEM he so BOLDLY claims to DESPISE…But that would cost him MONEY, so it’s OK to TAKE what he claims to HATE!!!

And I CAN TELL YOU that I am NOT ALONE here in NOTICING this!

So you whine like a Nancy when someone says, “Jake was banned” but play the “He’s a Moderator” card at will - and you see no hipocracy in that?

Just sayin’


Frankly, you both kinda piss me off.

Every time Mike posts, you have to whine about it…everytime you whine about it, he posts again.

Did it ever dawn on you that he just post to hear you whine?

I wish you two would go outside and settle this quietly. Here are some suggestions:

(1) Duel with six shooters at high noon in Tombstone, AZ

(2) Paper/scissors/rock - best of 7, winner (or, in this case, whiner) take all

(3) Rousing game of Rochambeau (http://www.knowledgerush.com/kr/encyclopedia/Rochambeau/, paragraph 5)

Still I go back to my point that, just because one is a Moderator, that imparts no real magical special powers on a Member. The Moderators are unpaid volunteers and it’s crap like this that just makes it SOOOOOO worthwhile.


If you think Mike is alone in this, he's not. A poll released today by a Democratic polling source says that 55% of Americans think that "Socialist" is an accurate label for Obama:

Of course he’s a socialist! He’s promoting a socialist agenda. He’s surrounded himself with admitted socialists/communists/marxists. The fact that he’s a socialist isn’t even a question. Having said that, it is refreshing to see that the American people are waking up (or at least likely voters are waking up)!

What’s surprising to me is that the socialists haven’t changed their tactic and embraced the socialist label. I think that’s coming. I would like to have had that poll ask if they would vote for a socialist!

But which one of us has his HAND OUT every month wating for his GOVERNMENT Section 8 CHECKS to ARRIVE???


His apartments are BOUGHT and PAID for with SOCIALIST MONEY!!!

Sorry Keith…I feel your pain. :beer

Seriously…You’re right…We BOTH gigantic pains in the @ss.

Do you want to know the BEST PART???

I’ve got a TON in common with MIKE…From a love of hiking, firearms, motorcycles, and REAL ESTATE…and also being OPINIONATED…
If the both of us DIDN’T discuss POLITICS here, we’d be in agreement on a LOT of topics…And to be honest…I STILL think he’d be one funny SOB to have BEER with!!