NYC/MPLS Newbie Wholesaler Needs Mentor-Systems In Place-HELP

Hey Everyone,

I am a newbie wholesaler that is working in the Minneapolis area and New York City area. I happen to go back and forth for business already as a broker and want to be an exclusive real estate investor. I have a website, 800 number, direct mail campaign, 30 buyers on my investor list, contracts, scripts, letter generators and all. I just need someone to help answer questions and hold my hand through the first few deals. I am very ambitious and am ready to do this full time. I have put my job aside and am only working weekends and weekdays part time to make this work. I have a limited budget but am willing to do anything that works for a seasoned investor out there. I am open to virtual training if need be. I thank you for taking the time to look at this post and look forward to your response!

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Yea i’ll help,

$1,000 bucks or half of first 2 deals.

I don’t claim to know everything about investing but I know how to get paid. I can get deals closed.

If you’ve never done wholesaling before you don’t necessarily have to quit your job or even work part time unless you are just driven to do so. It can be done working a part-time or full time job as well. I say that to say, doing the business full time takes alot of mental and emotional shifting from habits that were required of you in whatever you used to do, to new habits that are required of an investor and a thinker. You don’t necessarily have to throw your self into the fire and make massive changes to do this business. It can be done with consistent baby steps if you are patient and you will need alot of patience at times.

You don’t necessarily need a mentor. You can use the knowledge on these forums and also on Steve Cooks forum as well and you will find more than you need. Anything you need to know can be answered for free.

Suppose you have some theoretical knowledge or even none at wholesaling but still you can try it. Expect nothing in first one two deals as you are investing your free time. Just mentally be prepared.