NY state forms

Has anyone from NY state order legal forms on line from lets say legal zoom, uslegalforms, act… Are they any good. I’m having a hard time getting the forms from my attorney at a reasonable price. Nor does he like the idea of me filling in the blanks on the form :cussing

Inexpensive legal work is cheap because it is spread over many clients. These cookie cutter documents may or may not work the way you need and sometimes they contain language that is actually illegal in a particular state or lack required language. What is certain is that poorly drafted documents are the number 1 reason for adverse judgments in court. Should you pay an attorney to draft all your documents and pay the hourly rate? Probably not for typical documents as those should come at a fixed prices. You definitely want a custom document for complicated work or when there are significant assets involved.

IMO, online services are good for education value only. I wouldn’t trust a $100 LLC when several 100K of equity is at risk. You won’t know you have a pile of toilet paper until creditors are seizing your assets. The same thing applies to trusts and wills. Some firms have the bulk of their work come from correcting DIY legal work.