NV Resident Agent

I think I am paying too much for my NV resident agent service 49/month. I have seen a lot cheaper ads on the internet. What’s the reasonable cost for this service? I am affraid that I get a bad one if I just search on the web and find the cheapest one.

What exactly should the resident agent do? I know that they transfer my mails; they did the state filings when I incorporated. What other things should a resident agent be doing?

Lastly, when I set up the NV corp, I was told that NV is a front loading state. I was told that I need to pay about $1,200 to set up the NV corp but there will be no NV fee after that. However, I read something about the annual filing of directors and $125 annual fee after I incorporated. Was I screwed? ??? Did everyone have to pay about $1,200 for state filing?

the going rate on average for a registered agent in NV is about $85-99 per year. you have done well for $49.

the only thing a resident agent does is provide a local address where your corporation can be served process. They will then contact you by whatever means they have established with you to notify you that your corporation has been “Served”

In nevada, there are many companies that will assist you in setting up your corporatin. they range from $99 to $10,000 +. The ones that say they can do it for $99 are jsut using that technique to get you enticed or in the door. Bottom line is it costs more than that to file the paperwork with the state.

Currently the state filing fees are:

  1. file articles of Incorporation = $75.00
  2. expedite fee (24hrs) = $125.00 - only if you choose to have it formed in 24 hours.
  3. state filing fee for officers/directors = $125.00
  4. expedite fee for list of directors/officers = $75.00 (only if formed within 24 hours)
  5. two certified copies of articles of incorporation (required by state) = $60.00

total to be formed in 24 hours = $460.00
otherwise it will take between 6-8 weeks = $260.00

then you will need to add the registered agent service.

depending on the services and advantages you elect to use with your NV corp will determine the overall cost. For instance, if you would like to have nominee director/officers, to keep your privacy and name out of state records, you can expect to pay between $200 per month or more , or a flat fee generally $1000 per year. but what you want to look at is what service you are getting for the $$$. I am familliar with a company that will include unlimited consultation, act as registered agent, file your list of directors/officers, open corporate bank accounts, sign on legal documents including corporate tax returns on your behalf, act as a dual signer on corporate bank accounts, and keep your privacy. They have an entire corporate paralegal department that will handle all of your needs ranging from filing “friendly liens” on your real estate to using their escrow account for wire transfers. They are all inclusive for a nominal yearly fee of $995. This is everything you need to stay in good standing and will even assist you in utilizing the strategies that are unique to NV.

They are very reasonable when you look at all of the “service” they provide. You can’t get a corporate attorney on retainer for that kind of change, just to talk about strategies!

you really need to look at what you are getting for the $$$.

No I did not do well, it is $49 per month >:(

Thanks for the information. I will have to find out what exactly I paid for.


I did not see the “per month” part.

I would see if you can get out of that contract, if there is one. And see if youo can find a new one.

good luck.