Unbelievable! BEWARE THE NUGUs

The number of NUGU’S calling themselves Real Estate Experts these days is absolutely UNBELEIVABLE.

The newest BS “BALONEY SYSTEM”, my nice term for utter “BULL SXXX” INFORMATION SYSTEM,
is being offered by some guy who’s movie starts out with a great voice over intro about his starting as a “widowed single dad on unemployment” and now he has become the nations “Foremost Authority” on Commercial Real Estate Investing. OH PLEASE. Why then do I find nothing about this Nations Foremost Authority when I search the internet using his name. The only thing I find is information that he created.

Shortly after receiving the information from him, you will begin receiving the same information from every other NUGU on line, They will all tell you how WONDERFUL this new product is, They will use lead ins like “Hey, my friend Jason” is ready to release his Totally New System for creating mega wealth in real estate or some other such nonsense.

What is worse is that they all push exactly the same NONSENSE. This is known as affiliate marketing for those of you unfamiliar with the concept. It doesn’t even matter if the stuff their pushing makes any sense.

Forget the current Real Estate Market for a minute. This has nothing to do with Real Estate. This is called Build A List and market every last product under the sun to that list. Good, Bad or Indifferent, doesn’t matter, just market, market, market.

There is a major difference between buying a product, using that product and if you get good results from that product, telling all your friends or subscribers about it and pushing a product good or bad just because you are being paid a commission for doing so. In the first case it’s called referring and in the second it’s called prostitution.

This Skeptical investor has stood silent for too long. I have been investing in real estate for more than 25 years, and yes, I have made many multiples of millions of dollars investing in real estate, In fact, my claim to fame in my inner circle of friends and fellow investors is that I have never, ever lost a dime in any of my Real Estate Investment and neither has anyone who has ever followed my advice, but that is a story for another day. Being an avid investor, I often take a look at the various offerings being advertised all over the Internet. Heck, there may just be something out there in cyberspace that will increase my profits even further. I guess I ended up on in lots of different marketers lists .

I watched this new Nugu’s video, felt my “heart strings tugged” at the idea that he was not only widowed, but a single dad, and unemployed to boot, then felt the RA RA SIS BOOM BA go off in my head when I heard he was an ex Marine, Semper Fi baby, and so I waded through the intro to get to some of the meat. Well, let this ex Marine, Viet Nam Vet, single dad, who went from unemployment to owning 16 single family rental homes and 28 multi family properties in less than 4 years, while attending college to obtain not one but two bachelor degrees while raising two young children tell you my reaction. “OH MY GOD, I have never heard such a crock of Baloney.”

But, the point of this post is not to talk down about him personally as much as it is to warn all of my fellow investors and all of you investor newbees out there to be very skeptical of all these NUGUS all pushing the same nonsense. This newest program hasn’t even been released yet and every NUGU on the planet is trying to convince the people on their list that this is the answer to their commercial investing prayers.

I will admit that I only watched the introduction video, which included two techniques for making major income with no cash, but I gotta say, I have never seen such HOG WASH. The thing that upsets me the most however is that I am now receiving mail daily from NUGU after NUGU advising that their friend is about to release this great new system. They haven’t even had time to review the material yet.

Let this skeptical investor tell you in no uncertain terms, “There are no secrets to Investing in Real Estate”.

Jason Mathews, The Skeptical Real Estate Investor


Thank you for taking the time to warn everyone. I always wonder about those guys. If it seems too good to be true…then it’s probably not true.


What is NUGU? I’ve never heard of it. Although I certainly think that everything you said applies to 99% of the so called “gurus”.


Plus they all write books about their experiences and try to sell them to people less confident. And then every year there is another book to update their first book. Do they make more money selling their crap than investing in real estate?

That is something I have wondered…in getting into real estate…many industries resent when new people enter the practice…I have not seen that…i’m thinking it is welcomed…the more investors…the more money to be made?..also seems like the well never runs dry…always houses.