Nu-Way real estate

In looking for partnerships to help fund some deals I came across a company called Nu-Way real estate. Like many schools, you hear the good and bad, plus they charge $5500 to enroll in there program. I do not need all there mentoring, but wondering if anyone dealt with them. Good and bad reviews welcomed…

It’s called “Nu-Way.” To me, that’s all I need to hear. I’m thinking, “Pass.”

If you need funding, seek out funding. Don’t pay anyone $5,500 with the hope that you’re going to get better access to capital.

Good deals always find capital.

I actually haven’t heard anything good about any Real Estate school. I think they charge a lot more than they deliver.

Other schools are somewhat legit in that if you take a course in computers and get a certification in something, there’s somewhat of a chance that you can actually get a job and make some money. And maybe they have some kind of track record that says 50-75% of the people who graduate go on to make money.

With those real estate schools, I never really hear of any track record. After one class is over, they just have another one they want you attend or the way to make money is to get someone else to attend the class. Not only that, but attending those schools are not required to make money in real estate. Actually it seems that most people who do make money don’t go to those schools.

I think the funniest/saddest thing I ever read once was an interview with a person who had attended about $36k worth of those schools and his comment was that he was almost ready, just needed to go to a couple more and he’d be all set to go.

You could learn more jumping blindly into a deal and losing $36k than you’ll ever learn in that class. :bs