Now I'm starting to get worried

California, yes, the State, has cash flow problems, specifically with tax refunds:,0,1633884.story

Soooooo, is there a possibility that I can short-sale the entire State of California? :lol Do you think they’ll do a subject-to while I place a tenant buyer until I get the house, er, um, I mean the State resold? :beer If California’s “shares” become so low that there’s a buyout, will it be Nevada or Oregon that buys California up? Or, maybe even Mexico… Weeeeeeeee! :bouncemulti I wonder if I can get some rich Dubai investors to submit an offer. Is there an MLS for listing States as a whole? :biglaugh

I just emptied my jar of change out and took a count…

Looks like I can buy Citigroup, AIG, and California. I may also have enough leftover to buy a large coffee, we’ll see how the other purchases go.

Ha ha…
I’m very glad I live in the other warm weather state, instead of CA…although it’s a very beautiful place there with (mostly) nice people (except for their numerous gangbangers and meth-heads). If we could just have a few of their mountains over here…

That CA news has been floating around for awhile now about the state needing a bailout.

In 1989, there was a proposition on the ballot in California. Simply put, the proposition asked whether the sales tax should be increased from 6% to 7 ½%. Overwhelmingly, the vote was NO.
The sales tax was increased anyway, as an “emergency measure” and it has stayed there ever since.
Certainly half of the king’s cheese is lost in pairings, but it’s of no matter. It’s made of the people’s milk.

I’ve never understood CA’s system of legislating via all these referendums. And then you have people who don’t like the result of the vote and try to challenge it at the court level. It seems dysfunctional from the outside.