Nouveau Riche?

I’m an investor, and I’m hoping I can solicit some help from some of you with more experience in a specific area.
I’ve come across a business opportunity called Nouveau Riche University. I’m pretty stoked about it, and I’ve seen a lot of good things that I like.

I know theres always two sides to the coin. Has anyone had experience with Nouveau Riche before. Ideally, I’m looking for someone that got into it, and found something they didnt see before that made them not want to be a part of it.

Any information would help.



It is an oft-discussed and a hot-button topic here…they (mostly new graduates) have abused these forums to the point that they are not very welcome here.

Unless you have a huge pile of spare cash (and I’m taking tens of thousands of dollars), you might do well to avoid them. If you go to their meetings and they serve refreshments, please avoid any grape Kool-Aid that they may serve.

You can research old threads using the search function (also in the top banner):

And, BTW, we are fully aware of the tactics used, so when another poster comes with 1 or 2 posts (in total) and sings the praises of NR back to you, we remove the thread…OK?



RUN! Run far and run fast.

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Watch out. The typical members will never ever stop not ever incessantly never ending non-stop without a pause bug you over and over and over again and never stop bugging you about how your “real-estate business” is going. What they really mean is how much Nouveau Riche did you sell that week or month. I’ve actually had typical members warn me to not invest in real-estate because it is too dangerous. They advised me to just market more Nouveau Riche. And this from the company that has the sales-pitch slogan of “We create real-estate investors”.
However, if you’re lazy, and just want someone to spoon feed you everything, then Nouveau Riche is perfect. And its expensive. Then again, if you buy every product listed here at, all that is nearly double the $16,000 of Nouveau Riche. I am quite impressed with the instructors of Nouveau Riche, though. They have taught me many things that I know I would have probably not gone out and gotten myself. Again, it was expensive. Now that I’ve looked around a lot more, I’ve come to discover that I probably learned 40% - 50% of what I know about real-estate investing from the Nouveau Riche instructors (but not from the typical Nouveau Riche member), 35% - 40% from this website, and everything else from everywhere else.
Looking back on everything, I’m not sure if I would have done it differently. I do wish that I wouldn’t have racked up so much debt to “get on board”, “move forward”, or all the other sales-pitch catch phrases Nouveau Riche will use to sucker you into forking over your money to fill your sales and marketing mentor’s wallet. Now that I’ve been on the inside, I’ve come to realize that the majority of everything Nouveau Riche is a lot of sales and marketing static and little meat and potatoes real-estate investing. I guess my overall feelings for it are disappointment; in both Nouveau Riche and myself. Disappointment in that it wasn’t what I was led to believe that it was going to be. Disappointment in myself that I jumped when I really wasn’t prepared to make it what I wanted it to be.
So, anyways, Nouveau Riche. If you want to be spoon fed, fork over the $16,000. And the additional thousands of dollars for travel and lodging at the college. Oh, and the additional hundreds of dollars for the repeat presentations they have from time to time. Or, if you are truly ready and prepared to succeed at real-estate investing, you are already that way whether or not you are a Nouveau Riche member or not. Thus, just get out there and start investing in real-estate with those tens of thousands of dollars. And become a regular here and at your local real-estate investing club. Or start one of your own. You’ll learn about real-estate investing just fine and probably have several thousands dollars left over for more investing in actual real-estate as opposed to hanging out at what is technically an encyclopedia sales and marketing club.

If you carefully look at the numbers of most multi-level systems the profit sharing or commission is significantly less than that of a standard buy and sell wholesaling business. By having devoted sales people who are also a company’s best customers, a business will always grow faster. The most brilliant business minds know this.

Multi-level corporations generally entice the ‘followers’ of the world into a business model that perpetuates an unhealthy attachment to a business. This is why they often resemble religious gatherings or are labeled cults by the press.

At the end of the day ask yourself this one question. If the product is that good, why not just sell it at the Costco’s and WalMart’s of the world. The underlying answer is that they have sales people slash customers that they can sell to at a much higher profit margin.

I say this as a person who gave five nights a week and weekends to the biggest MLM out there. At the end of two years I told my sponsor this business was not for me. His response was I hadn’t been CORE every day. My response and outlook was that if a business does not provide money in the first two years, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m just not good at it.

To this day when my close friends get involved in the latest fad MLM I am there to support them. I buy a kit and drink the juice, but refrain from any one on ones or group meetings.

If you belong to a multi-level and your blood is boiling right now, I understand, I’ve been there. More importantly, ask yourself why that is?

Hope this helps,

Matt Gerchow


I expect to silenced by this forum, but here goes. I am here because I clicked on one of the many REIClub emails in my gmail account. I am a ISA with NR. In fact I just certified Sunday. I have been investing in RE since 1992. My first three deals were School of hard knocks. I did ok on them with my buy low sell high strategy. I over improved them and missed out on some profits. I still wanted to invest so I started to learn, Carlton,Robert,Russ, plus many more you don’t know. Every time you educate yourself the better off you are. How you choose to learn is up to you. A library card is all anyone needs, saves you money costs you time. This forum saves you money costs your time. You had to read all the responses from people you clearly asked not to respond and many of them will surely defind there opinion. I have been to NR’s classes in April and June and learned many new things. Ah-Ha moments if you will. I have met and been educated by no less than 20 millionaires. I spent my money to save my time, and it was worth it.

Before I started this reply, I noticed an ad on this site for multiple streams of income. Real Estate was my second stream of income. I have owned a mortgage brokerage since 1998 and it provided nicely for my family. The decade of work I put into the biz is now worthless. When I analized the non MLM comp plan for merely introducing people to this education, I could’nt sleep. As we continue to move toward accreditation, I’m sure some will say run run away. That library card gives you access to the same info they have at Harvard or whatever college… “The more you learn the more you earn”

Good luck with your quest!

Mike :anon

Well, as expected, there’s the ‘wing man’…

Can anyone give a single reason why this thread should not be locked/removed?


Seems you gave the warning (and prophesy) on Aug. 6th…

What is it with people coming out of the woodwork the past week peddling their crap?

Keith, You have never been to a Real Estate Class at Nouveau Riche University, so you have no first hand knowledge of how good or bad the classes are.

Please acknowledge this above comment to be true and I will continue with my post. :cool


As moderators we are not required to prove anything. If someone is interested in Nouveau Riche they can do a search on the topic and will find more than enough information on the subject. There is no need for another topic to go on and on about it.

Here’s what I know: On the 6th of August, NR KAD#1 posted a question about NR. About 20 minutes late, I predicted that a second NR KAD with 1 or 2 posts would swing by and sing their praises. Just like clockwork, NR KAD #2 swings by and makes the post, shockingly enough, his first post ever.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. Textbook NR modus operandi? Absolutely.

My being a Moderator really has nothing to do with it. My proof is that the NR folks do this over and over and over, SSDD. Their tactics are lame and predictable (obviously in that I predicted this in the open Forum a week ago and they STILL did it!). As a Moderator, I’ve been around a while and have read the majority of the posts here on a daily basis. I didn’t fall off of a turnip truck on the way to the State Fair and just happened to land here.



Do I have a deal for the NR folks, I will send them a copy of my e-book, then they can sell it and we split the profits 50/50 on all sales, it should fit right into their program.

John $Cash$ Locke

Can anyone give a single reason why this thread should not be locked/removed?

I can! I can! (hand raised as if in grade school)

There’s nothing better than watching a train wreck in slow motion. Let’s watch it happen!

$Cash$ - that e-book is HYSTERICAL!


KAD=Kool Aid Drinker

Now that is hilarious.