Nouveau Riche University???

What, if anything, does anyone know about this “university”?
Some one I was talking to about me beginning again my investment career pointed me here. Don’t think I really need to go to school with all these forums and books I’m reading. Or am I missing something?

This has been discussed in many other threads. If you use the search function, you can find all the opinions.

In summation, it’s a scam. But do as the previous guy said - search through the previous discussions… =)

This should get you started:,24730.0.html

Ps- Their courses will cost you about $40k. I’ll give you 90% off and coach you for $4k. I take Visa/MC/souls. :evil Or you can read this forum and learn quite a bit as well.

Thanks all. I agree with you guys, if I had $16K or whatever they charge, I definitely wouldn’t give it away to sit through some class(es). I’d be looking for some property to buy! I didn’t go any further than the home page on the site. Once I saw CLASS… I clicked the little “X” in the corner of my browser.
Thanks again.

Oh, I never got the whole “Kool-Aid” thing either? :huh
Ah, oh well.