Nouveau Riche University

I just returned from what I thought was to be a R E investing seminar and instead was a marketing seminar to sell me a package deal to the above “University”. Has anyone else been to this and felt had like I did just listening to mostly men in suits talk of the joys of investing 19,500.K for a chance to belong to the “community”. When people keep asking to raise my hand in agreement to every comment they make I get nervous. But when they couch investing in a multilevel marketing scheme with men in suits smiling all day from ear to ear and then tell me these guys will get half of what I might spend I get really worried. Sure this kind of enterprise is true entrepreneurship and will benefit the guys at the top. But what about the people who buy the package and like most of these schemes never use the info or the supporting programs they get sold. As someone said if these people were making so many deals why are they spending so much time trying to make others buy the package. Maybe others have some experience with this they will share.

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Well just my 2 cents on the Nouveau Ripoff Uniwhat. I had a “Richie” student place an offer on a property of mine about 3 weeks ago here in Fort Lauderdale that he had no Idea what he was doing and the deal didnt close because he lied to his buyer and to me. The title company also was not on the level and honest either.KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR DEALS.

A “cool” drink or a “Kool-Aid” drink?

Unfortunately, we have to remove most of the NR garbage that gets posted because it’s blatant advertisement in an attempt to recoup at least part of their “investment” by up-selling to other mooks.