Notice of Defaults

Hi all,
I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to rehabbing as i’m only 3 homes in and i’ve only mad a profit on two of them. I think today all that has changed as I realized my brother in laws sister works for the recorder of deeds in my city. As of tonight I will be handed a list of names and addresses ofpeople who have just received their notice of defaults. My question is now that I have this info, pretty much before anyone else, is what do I do with it? What is the best way to approach these people? Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I start by sorting the leads out by area and then look up the values. IF there is a sufficient spread, I then look up the numbers and start calling or going directly to their door. Sometimes being the first to approach these people isn’t the best because the homeowners are still in a bit of denial but you’ve made the first contact so just be persistent. I never make contact just once.