notice of defaults

i called the local sheriffs office and was told that they list pre foreclosures for 6 weeks prior to sale in legal notice area of the news paper and if anyone if from the area is the waukesha freeman paper out of waukesha, wi now she told me that they use to only list them on thursdays but had been told from others that now they list them every day i would like to keep on top of the new ones because as we all know 6 days can make the diff in getting a deal or watching someone else get it any suggestions to find out for sure when they are listed?


Go to your local court clerk and look at her lis pendens - they will be there before they get to the sheriff. Before they get to the clerk they will be a lawyer’s office. Look at the lis and see if one law firm is more active than the others and contact them. Before they get to the lawyers they are at a lender or bank. Check em out.