Notice Of Default

Hello all. I have subscribed to a newspaper publication that does give me Notice of Trustees Sales. My problem is that the Foreclosure sale is about 1 week away from when I received the paper. Example I have a NOTS in todays paper 7-17-07 and sale is 7-31-07. My question is what is the best way to get these when the defaults are recorded instead of 1 week before foreclosure?

There are other services that provide the data you need. For instance in my area in California the company behind one of the most widely used publications also has a data service where you can get NOD and NTS information.

The publication I’ve used is The Daily Breeze. What are some of the companies that provide this data? I’ve done countless Googling and searching here but it seems that the County Recorder’s office is the only option.

There are national online services such as, - which are not very good. Better services are local - you’ll have to research for your area. I use here in Northern Cal.

:cool OKAY some are going to think this is a hard post but here goes

THIS is a proactive deal you need to get up and do real estate will not and very rarely comes to you !!! YOU need to get out work the ares you want to get homes in /// be it preforeclousers or what the best deals are not going to be the ones every one knows about //// but the ones only you know about !!!

YES the newest and best information is at the court house find it go there so much they know you by first name and know just what you are looking for !!!

DO not get boged down with paralysis of anlysis get off your back side and work your business and this is a business as no one will do it for you /// they may help but in the end it is you not the mail man bringing you your deals or the magic real estate man !!

be the JUST DO IT PERSON !!!

Well said. Thank you all for responding. I really want to get into Pre-Foreclosures and I know my county recorder is a great resource of info. I have definitely been scouring my farm area but haven’t found anything yet but when I close that 1st deal, be it wholesale,short-sale, or whatever you guys will know :biggrin