Notice of Default

I am wanting to know if anyone can tell me where exactly to find these records. I have looked and researched my local tax appraisers office, and they tell me the foreclosures are public record on their site. See i live in Texas, and there is no such thing as Pre-Foreclosures. But i am wanting to find the properties listed before Foreclosure… i only get 21 days notice before the auction sale here in texas…there has to be a better way. Am i stuck with the 21 day time frame? I would like some time to talk with H/O before it is declared a foreclosure.

What is the best way to find the NOD’s as they would call it here in texas?
Am i looking in the wrong place or perhaps talking with the wrong dept?

Thanks for listening to me wine about this…LOL

AE :help

Maybe try one of those foreclosure listing sites like or Otherwise I don’t know how the Texas system works.