I’m very new to the paper concept, but I had bought a course a couple years ago and never had the time to ever even look at it. My thought when I seen this concept of using your equity to create a note and trade it or use it for buying another piece of property. This makes me think I have 75k in equity in my home but I need to find out more about how to do it.

Big D, If you have 75k equity in your home and do a refi at low interest rates, you can then take that money and invest it into a note yourself to cover your payment on the refi, or invest the money into a property that would have positive cash flow. Lots of things to do and if you borrow the money @ 6% and lend it out @ 10%, you get that spread difference.

Hope this helps and good luck.


Hi BigD,

one other suggestion is instead of refi’ing and paying interest on the 75K whether you have it invested or sitting in the bank I would suggest taking out a line of credit so you only pay interest on the money you put to work. Good Investing!