Note to all whom subscribe to a Guru Course

I wish to address all of you, whom subscribe to the guru courses, you find on info-mercials and most found on line courses.

As in any networked course materials, you can invest in you must be aware of one principle. “Creavet emptor” or Buyer Beware!

First, most people can find fault and fault-line issues for and against anything, no matter how well concieved or contrived into existance. No matter how much or how little you spend on a program; the basis of the program is not just what you put into the program, but more importantly, is based on your ability to go out and learn beyond what is in the course materials.

Let me ask one question: If you go to college, and take a course in marketing, is there not supplimental reading which corresponds to the program you are invested in? Is it not normal for some of your college courses to refer and elect homework assignments to read other materials, to further enhance your knowledge?

In most cases, it is factually recommended to go to a library and research both law books, real estate manuals and other materials to verify information which may pertain to your state or residence.

All of the course materials I have purchased, and participated in, there has been the “run of the mill” motivational tapes, and reading materials to be recommended. But you need to understand that most of the materials are generic and non-specific.

Being mass produced, it is difficult to design and build an all knowing informational tool, which covers each state, each county, and each market’s rules, policies and laws.
Further more, you must realize that neither you, nor the average person looking to improve your lives have sufficient resources to pay for a course, which could be potentially put in place, to cover every refusal, every contingency and more importantly every statute of every state and local venue.

With all said, in this post, here is a basic truth of most materials you will encounter. Regardless of whether you subscribe to LeRon, Sheets, or any other program out there, keep in mind they are basic tools and guides to get you started. To improve you knowledge you must decide what market you wish to venture into and read, read, read. Then ask questions of the professionals in your area, then re-read and verify what you learned in any courses you subscribe to. Each course is a “cookie-cutter” course and speaks in general due to the wide variety of folks who are reading the materials.

Is any one better than the other? That is about as personal of a choice as who is your favorite school teacher, and why? It is a matter for you to decide and only you can like or dislike a particular program.

Is one program better than the other? Again aside from personal preferences and your attention level, that depends on what you dedicated to the program.

Will one get me started faster, than anyother? again, that is a variable which is personally tuned by your own prejudices and contribution to find relevent information to work with.

How can you get the most from your courses? Read, read, read; then Ask, ask, ask! verify your information and continue reading!

On the bottom line of this posting, the only factor of success or failure is YOU! You have to be a “sales person” a researcher, intuitive, creative, and a life long student of life. Why? because you have to deal with people, and your dealing in selling YOU! Which means you are “Pitching” the biggest Question of all: “Why should I do business with you?” Why is your services better than joe who tried to buy my home with no money down?" What gives you credibility over “JOE SchMOE?”

IF you buy a course, congradulations you have began a wonderful journey. IF you fail to continually spark reasons to research, you fail not only the course, but more importantly you have failed yourself and your business. IF you think a stranger telling you “NO” is powerful, it is not even close to being a bad thing. If you are told NO OR YOU WILL FAIL by your friends and family, you will design a reason for failure, everytime!

Gary Brents

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