Note Buyers?

Hi I found a company that is selling there entire portfolio of land notes another words they are willing to sell to me about 1100 notes for building lots, camping membership lots, rv lots.

The notes total in value of 4.0 million or more dollars but there willing to sell them to me for 2.4 million or 2.0 million if I come up with cash. Back in 1998 these notes were all appraised at 6.0 million dollars.

I want to keep the building lots if possible and build homes on them but if I have to just make money off them by selling them thats fine too.

Can anyone tell me how to proceed with this deal?


Well you could sell the notes on land that you do not want. There are people willing to buy notes like from companies like CASHFLOW. (which may pay for the notes you want to keep)

You could offer on the notes that you want to keep is Seller financing VIA a Wrap at 100% value and then sell them at at discount to a note buyer and still make money off the deals.

I hope that this is what you are asking for.