Note Brokers

hey everyone!! Im new to the secondary mortgage market. Has any Note Brokers on here have had success closing deals, also any tips for a newbie like me would be great! thanks everyone!

As far as Mortgages, save your time and money, get out. Herbster

lol…thats understandable with the way our current economy is going…but i was looking for feed back about the private mortagage sector.

Thats what I meant. Its like this, 99% are poorly written for secondary market, 99% of the 1% left don’t know they can sell them, and any that are left the people want to hold them. They need to be extremly motivated to want to sell. Now you can create your own notes for people but that don’t work either. 99 out of 100 times I just end up helping people. Good Luck. herbster
PS I’ll take them if there thrown my direction but no longer will I waste my time. Try something else.