Not your typical newbie, just need the right push to start! Help me!

Hey everyone! I’m an energetic 18 year old straight out of high school here in Denver, Colorado. I’m looking to start wholesaling EARLY and set my financial future from the get go. I have the time, patience, and energy and MAYBE resources :slight_smile: to get started. I know after my first deal, the rush will push me to continue to be successful. I will not sit idle during my college years and let debt rack up into my adult life, nor will I be the typical “broke” college student! Can you say future success story in the making?

First of all, I know this will be very challenging, so I am looking for a mentor in the Denver area who can help me get going, but I’m fine without one, I won’t let it hold me back.

I have my assignment contracts, and sale contracts. I have been actively looking for deals in my area thru means of just driving around, craigslist, and telling people I buy houses.

As much knowledge that lies on this site, I haven’t been able to soak all of it up, so I do have some questions.

  1. What is the most concrete way to get an ARV value without use of a professional? I have limited knowledge of housing structures in general, but I think I could spot a place that needs new carpet, tiling, paint, windows etc. With that basic knowledge, think I could get by by myself? I would be willing to get a professional only if necessary, because I think an accurate ARV value is the key to making profit.

  2. Let’s say I find someone who is advertising a “fixer-upper”. What stops me from agreeing to the low price, then flipping it to a rehabber myself?

  3. As mentioned before, I am 18 years old with NO CREDIT HISTORY at ALL! Do you think this will deter me from making money? I have basic knowledge of hard money lenders, but I don’t want to turn to them unless I am forced to. (Have no clue about loans or points :frowning: )

  4. Should I even bother looking at houses advertised by real estate companies? They seem to be looking for home owners, not people like me. Should I pursue these leads in the beginning stages of my career?

Last question I swear :slight_smile:

  1. I know my age will turn away some home owners, how can I overcome these objections?

Thank you so much! I have a million more questions, but I want to figure them out for myself and then clarify with knowledgeable people when the time comes. Thanks!

  1. I would get my RE license and eventually brokers license because it sound like this is going to be a long term adventure for you. You need a professional to pull comps for you or find a website that gives you this info. There out there Im not sure what they are in your area. Nothing stops you from offering a low price. Don’t let your age stop you from doing anything. I would put out some bandit signs and find a list of investors to work with so when you do find a good deal you can assign the contrac to them. Watch all the you tube videos you can on wholesaling and just keep doing your research. it will take time but the pieces will fall in place. good luck!