North NJ

I’m wondering if anybody can give me advice for investing in NJ. Specifically North Jersey. Any comment is welcomed.

What are you planning on doing? NJ as a whole is Bubblicious. I live here, and I would not pay the prices for any of the properties in this state! My own are way over valued! That’s my oppinion.

I am looking for areas, especially in North Jersey that haven’t fully appreciated. My intentions are to purchase handyman houses to do a little work and then flip them. Any ideas?


What do you mean by “fully appreciated”?


Where do you own properties if not in your own state?

Back to the original question!

Ask other investors

call 100 realtors

call appraisers

get a general idea from about 100 of them

Do your homework! I do not live in NJ on the other hand I have property in a few state’s!!
And this is how I did my homework!

Good luck to you and have a successful day!


I guess Reo

One could, for some odd reason, own property in one state, and rent in the state they live in.

I won’t blame you about New Jersey. Some places are now cooling off a bit. And are way over price compared to rent.

Yo Nick…

I was born in Englewood and now live in Ridgewood. I’ve been looking for the right situation in northern NJ since I came into some money. However, I must agree with the poster above. Bergen Co. and surrounding areas are ridiculously overpriced. Even homes in Lodi, Dumont, Garfield are going for $600 K. It’s unbelievable. I’m going to wait unless I find an underpriced dump that I can rehab, but the chances of that are nill. Since McGreedy sold out the northeastern part of the state to the developers, it’s been one big construction site. It’s a feeding frenzy right now. I’m letting the rates go up a bit to shake out the suckers, then see what’s left. Good luck.

G Pooch :wink:

Where are the best locations in Jersey where foreclosures occur most often?


South Jersey. But you would go through tons and tons of absolute dumps and big termite problems.

How bad is the termite prob. out there? I have never had a prob. here but its to cold for them I had a lender ask for a termite report I laughed at them!

Im in the Central Jersey and was thinking of getting started for the past 4 years. LOL My money is not there but now I have an investor if the deal is right (perfect). I’m a painting contractor w/ some drywall skills etc.
Let me now what the the Jersey investors are up to.